AI in Banking: Scope, Applications and Use Cases

27 November 2023, Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre


The London Institute of Banking & Finance MENA will structure the workshop with a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. It includes an ice-breaker activity, a sample case-study session, a real-time problem statement session, a main session covering key concepts, and a conclusion session with postworkshop tasks. Breaks are provided between sessions for participant refreshment. The workshop also includes a 10-minute period for feedback, engagement, and Q&A.


The workshop, hosted by The London Institute of Banking & Finance MENA, will provide participants with an overview of AI in the banking industry, exploring its applications, real-world use cases, benefits, and challenges. Through interactive discussions and activities, participants will enhance their understanding and knowledge of AI in banking, staying informed about the latest advancements in this field.

Presented by


Ravikiran M A

Faculty Member
The London Institute of Banking & Finance MENA

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Introduction (20 mins)

  • Welcome participants and introduce the workshop objectives
  • Provide a brief overview of AI and its significance in the banking industry
  • Highlight the importance of understanding AI’s scope, applications, and use cases in banking

Scope of AI in Banking (40 mins)

  • Discuss potential areas where AI can be applied in the banking sector
  • Explore the impact of AI on various banking functions, such as customer service, risk management, fraud detection, compliance, and operations
  • Explain how AI can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience in banking operations
  • Present an overview of AI applications in different banking domains:
    • Customer Service: AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants, and personalized recommendations
    • Risk Management: Predictive analytics, credit scoring, and fraud detection
    • Compliance: AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes
    • Operations: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent document processing, and workflow optimisation
  • Provide real-world examples and case studies showcasing successful AI implementations in banking.

Challenges while using AI (20 mins)

  • Discuss the challenges and considerations of implementing AI in banking, including data privacy, ethical implications, regulatory compliance, and the importance of human-AI collaboration

Interactive Activity: AI Brainstorming Exercise (40 mins)

  • Divide participants into groups and assign each group a specific banking function (e.g., customer service, risk management, compliance)
  • Ask groups to brainstorm AI applications and potential use cases for their assigned function

Q&A and Feedback (10 mins)

  • Allocate the remaining time for participants to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage in discussion

Candidates that successfully complete workshop, will receive a CPD accredited certificate from The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

Governance of Cybersecurity and AI Risk

27 November 2023, Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre

Program Abstract

The Future Tech Conference facilitates dialogue about critical topics facing C-Level executives, industry experts, decision makers, policy makers and government officials. The results of international research completed by CLASS-LLC highlight that the most important issues facing corporate directors and the C-Suite are governance and management of risk related to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. This training session honors the Future Tech promise equipping participants to understand the risks, opportunities, and rewards that are possible with effective management of cybersecurity and AI.

Presented by


Keyaan Williams


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Program Schedule

Lesson Topic
Lesson 1 Welcome and Introduction (15 Minutes)
The training will open with remarks from the conference organizers. Distinguished participants and organizations will be recognized, and an overview of the entire program will be provided before a detailed examination of each topic.
Lesson 2 Governance Overview (45 Minutes)
What are best practices for corporate governance that produce success with the evaluation, implementation, and management of effective cyber and AI practices?
Lesson 3 Risks and Rewards of Artificial Intelligence (45 Minutes)
There is more to AI than ChatGPT and other generative AI solutions. This lesson focuses on various AI use cases that supports a discussion about the considerations for measuring AI risk and maximizing AI rewards.
Lesson 4 Cybersecurity Program Management (45 Minutes)
Cybersecurity involves management of people, process, and technology. Rather than focusing on compliance and regulation, this lesson focuses on cybersecurity program management within the context of enterprise risk management (ERM).
Lesson 5 Strategic Planning for Digital Transformation (45 Minutes)
The activities highlighted in each lesson are valuable in isolation; however, a strategic approach to integrating all activities in an integrated, enterprise-wide strategic plan maximizes the value of everything discussed. This lesson highlights strategic planning, execution, and performance measurement to ensure value is achieved from the lessons learned.
Lesson 6 Q&A and Closing Remarks (45 minutes)
The program will end with sufficient time to receive questions and provide a response before ending the session with a few closing remarks to highlight key ideas that people should remember from the discussion.